Monday, March 25, 2013

Colorado's Cave of the Winds: Unique Outdoor Activity

During your bed and breakfast or cabin rental stay at Cascade Escapes, Ramona's Cottage, or Zeb's Cabin, you can experience nature in a whole new way!

Colorado is known for its outdoor activities: there are so many things to do on and around the mountains that it's difficult to name them all!  But when you hike, bike, or ski on  hillsides and along mountains, have you ever wondered about what might lie UNDER your feet?  It may surprise you to know that there is often a whole environment that lies beneath the ground, waiting to be discovered.  Caves are the least-visited natural resource in America, and are often the most mysterious.  Here at the base of Pike's Peak, Cave of the Winds is open almost year-round for visitors to experience the beauty of the underground!

What should you expect when you visit the underground?

You will experience sights hidden to most! Passages, both large and small, amazing rock formations, standing and flowing water, and maybe even a few living things!

Cave of the Winds is fully prepared with safe, sturdy pathways for an easy walk.  Here are a few tips:
  • Wear sturdy shoes for safety on any uneven ground.
  • Be prepared to navigate the stairs throughout the cave.
  • Wear casual, sturdy clothing that can handle a bit of dust and even a little mud on wet days.
  • Bring a jacket: weather underground is a temperate 54 degress year-round and can easily chill you.
Two different tours are offered:
  • Discovery Tour:  a 45-minute tour through stunning rooms featuring beautiful formations.  This tour is fully lit and family-friendly.
  • Lantern Tour:  a 90-minute, "wilder" tour deep into the caverns, and you carry your own lighting!
Other Activities

The fun at Cave of the Winds isn't limited to the underground!  Cave of the Winds has developed a great outdoor recreational area with exciting activities, including:

Wind Walker Challenge Course
A ropes-and-steel-beam course for the truly adventurous.  Your safety is secure in a body-harness and helmet as you make your way along the air above Williams Canyon.

'Fly' from the on-site pavilion via our two-person chair.  Similar to a ski-lift, this thrilling experience travels at speeds up to 40 miles per hour, both down into the valley and back up to the building.

Williams Canyon Trail
Three miles of gorgeous scenery through the Canyon.  Accessible during good weather and environmental conditions.

Located just seven miles from our inn, Cave of the Winds is a perfect attraction at which to spend a day, or part of a day, during your Rocky Mountain getaway.  Cascade Escapes offers all the hospitality and comfort of home with amazing amenities, unforgettable scenery, and the little extras that set us apart from typical hotels.  Make your reservations today for a delightful stay and a unique way to experience Colorado's hidden natural beauty.


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